Diving returns to 'Dotty'!

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video credit Phil Donegan.


North Wales Technical Divers Club (NWTD) welcomes qualified technical divers to explore Dorothea Lake (AKA Dotty), a fascinating inland quarry, deep in the mountains of North Wales.

NWTD have been granted an exclusive licence by DPH (the land owner) to run diving at Dorothea because of the technical experience of its members and the high calibre of equipment they use, which are essential for Dotty’s challenging conditions and depth.

DPH does not set diving policy, pricing or access arrangements but rely on the terms and conditions set out in licence particularly in respect of third party liability insurance.

We are a BSAC branch number 2578, the club constitution has been approved by BSAC and DPH.

As a BSAC branch we are a not-for-profit organisation. Any surplus funds are to be used for the benefit of the club members. DPH receive a licence fee from NWTD for diving access to the quarry. The club officers do not receive any remuneration for activities associated with running the club.