Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the aim of NWTD?

To offer a forum for qualified technical divers in the North Wales and surrounding area.

Q: Why is NWTD affiliated to BSAC?

NWTD initially pursued the route of an unaffiliated club as the majority of the founding members were not trained by a club. However, it was impossible to meet the insurance requirements, which left BSAC affiliation as the best route. BSAC was very helpful to us in setting up the club.

Q: Has the club constitution been approved by BSAC?


Q: Do I have to be a BSAC member?

Yes. Because NWTD is a BSAC-affiliated club, all our members have to be BSAC members.

Q: What if I’m already a BSAC member?

You can have a secondary affiliation to NWTD.

Q: Why can NWTD members dive at Dorothea Quarry?

The new landowners have given permission for NWTD members to dive at the site.

Q: I am covered by BSAC member insurance?

Yes, as long as we have permission to dive at Dorothea or any other inland site the BSAC liability insurance will cover you, even if you're not diving as part of a BSAC club dive.

Q: When did Dorothea Lakes Ltd change hands?

Dorothea Lakes Ltd was acquired by the new owners in 2016.

Q: Is the club profit making?

No, the club is run for the benefit of the members. As a condition of NWTD’s agreement with the landowners, a percentage of any surplus will be put towards the local community.

Q: What is the minimum technical diving qualification required to join the club?

To be eligible to join every member must hold a technical diver qualification that certifies them to conduct planned decompression dives using mixed gases as a bottom gas and/or as a decompression gas. Please see list of our accepted qualifications.

Q: Does the club offer swimming, or snorkelling opportunities?


Q: Does the club do any training?

Please see NWTD's Training Policy on our Membership page.